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R-DEX Systems DoD Projects

R-DEX federally funded work focuses on: (1) innovative AI/ML technologies for a wide range of applications and (2) wireless communications.

(1) Validation of Artificial Intelligence Technologies (VAIT); Navy SBIR topic N193-A01;

(2) Deep Automatic Target Recognition (DATR) Technology; Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) SBIR 182-008;

(3) DeepSAR: Automating the Extraction of Tactical Information from Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery; Army SBIR A19-166;

(4) Blue Jay: Strengthening SIGINT Classifiers and Identifying Adversarial Attacks; Army SBIR A19-166;

(5) Cognitive Countermeasure Technology (CCT) for Improved Resilience of Army Tactical Radios to Electronic Warfare Attacks; Army SBIR A20-072;

(6) The Universal Adversarial Attack (UAA) Technology for Improved Machine Vision Disruption; DARPA Artificial Intelligence Exploration (AIE) topic DARPA-PA-19-03-06;

(7) Improved and More Robust Automatic Target Classifiers; Navy SBIR N202-120;

(8) Quasi-Orthogonal Doppler Waveform Applications; Army STTR A20B-T013;

(9) Improved Automatic Target Classifiers for Missile Seekers; Air Force SBIR AF203-001.

R-DEX Systems was selected as a Finalist at the Air Force Weapons Pitch 2021!

R-DEX Systems was selected as a Winner of the Army Waveform Challenge!

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