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Information Products

R-DEX Systems is leveraging its extensive experience developing innovative artificial intelligence, sensor, and autonomous solutions for both defense and industrial automation applications to develop information products that provide commercial and government decision makers with actionable information. R-DEX Systems’ information products leverage sensor imagery from satellites and airborne platforms.

A key enabling development is the growing availability of low-cost, high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (ISAR) systems onboard both airborne systems and satellite constellations. High resolution SAR/ISAR data is uniquely suited for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaisance (ISR) due to the ability to see through clouds, operate both day and night, and capture changes in amplitude and phase of the incoming signal. The use of SAR and ISAR data by government entities is growing. In addition, several startups are disrupting the SAR industry by developing satellite constellations that will provide low-cost, high-resolution, SAR data with high revisit rates. R-DEX Systems is leveraging the latest advances in data acquisition to provide unique information products that enable an unprecedented level of insight for confident decision-making in numerous industries.

Maritime Vessel Classification

R-DEX is leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence to autonomously classify and track maritime vessels from SAR/ISAR data, thereby providing the industry with unprecedented insight into the movement of goods and people around the globe. By providing a new level of visibility and awareness of vessels, R-DEX is addressing a wide range of economic, environmental, human rights, and industry-wide security issues for the following: (i) financial services (e.g., hedge funds, asset managers, and other institutional investors), (ii) physical and financial traders (e.g., analysts, portfolio managers, petroleum producers, and logistics professionals), and (iii) government users and NGOs (e.g., GIS analysts, policy makers, intelligence, defense, civil government, and other decision makers).

Change Detection

R-DEX is developing a groundbreaking software suite that will provide near real-time change detection information products to government and commercial stakeholders. Specifically, R-DEX is leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence to detect changes anywhere on Earth in near real time during the day or night, thereby providing an unprecedented level of insight for confident decision-making in the following markets: (i) agriculture; (ii) civil government; (iii) defense and intelligence; (iv) education and research; (v) emergency and disaster management; (vi) energy and infrastructure; (vii) finance and business intelligence; (viii) forestry and land use; (ix) insurance; (x) mapping and GIS; and, (xi) maritime.

Custom Solutions

R-DEX provides custom information products that leverage airborne and satellite imagery for a wide range of defense and commercial applications.

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