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Affordable Automation

We provide affordable robotics, industrial automation, and advanced sensor solutions for customers in a wide range of industries, including defense, manufacturing, and warehousing & distribution.

Many organizations seek to automate their processes but cannot afford the high costs associated with robotics and automation. Off-the-shelf solutions are often too expensive or simply don’t address the unique needs of a facility.

Therefore, we provide affordable automation solutions to enable our customers to improve process efficiencies and reduce costs. By reducing the costs of automation, we provide innovative solutions that scale throughout our customers’ global networks. Our solutions enable organizations to redeploy workers to high-valued roles.

R-DEX Systems is a unique company that excels in both long-term research and development and developing rapid engineering solutions for its industrial and government partners. We make innovative solutions work in the real world. Our revenue model includes government contracts, industrial contracts, product sales, and licensing.

R-DEX Systems is an Authorized Systems Integrator (ASI) of FANUC Robots (

R-DEX Systems is organized into two divisions:

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